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FOCUS  2 FL oz  

Mental Clarity & Brain Enhancement Tonic                                                                                                  100% Natural Tonic Herbal Remedy with Lions Mane Bacopa, Periwinkle, Ginko, & Matcha Green Tea

Better Memory
Increased Attention
Feel Limitless & Unstoppable
This tonic is comprised of some the worlds best natural brain enhancing substances. They have been scientifically researched and used traditionally for Memory & Energy Enhancement, Mental Clarity, Mental Fatigue, Focus, Study enhancement, Brain Fog, Forgetfulness, Perception, Stamina and creativity. If taken before bed may cause sleeplessness and lucid dreaming.

A proprietory extract (1:4) of:Bacopa, Periwinkle, Ginko, Gotu Kola, Matcha Green tea, Theanine, Suma, Rhodiola, Ancient sources of Fulvic acid, Trace Minerals, Alcohol 15%, Vegetable Glycerine, Lithia spring water and crystal activated spring water.



” This product is great, it makes me feel Limitless. I have tried many of the brain enhancement products out there but this is the best and its all natural. I just made a huge business deal while taking this product and I was at my best. Ill be buying this for my entire staff for my new business. Thank you Doctah B, Focus is a hit” T. Zimmerman Ny. Ny.

“This stuff is amazing! My memory has returned and my eyesight and hearing has improved greatly, Thank you Doctah B for this one of my new favorites.”  J. Green, Atalanta Ga.

” I use Focus for dream recall, I’m getting deep messages while I sleep.”  M. Collins, Sandy Springs Ga.

” Night driving has always been a problem for me along with remembering names. I took Focus while driving all night on the way to a conference, stayed up all night no problem and did much better remembering names and information thru the weekend, Wow.”  A.B. Smith Jackson Miss.

“Mental and physical exercises operate on the same neural pathways. Whether you’re in study, meditating or sweating at the gym Doctah B’s Focus formula helps you facilitate the infusion of intent and maintain the clarity necessary to realize your potential. Combining the popular nootropics bacopa and theanine with a blend of rainforest herbs, Focus provides energy and mental clarity without the harshness and crash of energy drinks or the gitteriness of coffee.” L. Williams, Atlanta GA.

” I have discovered and incredible combination, Focus and Platinum Life triple strength (Beckwith Reserve). Focus is like turning on the lights and Platinum keeps them lit and makes me just know things, and my sex life is amazing now…… Thank you Doctah B for helping me jump start my mind and my life.” A.B. Collins NY, NY

“Someone need to tell Dr Oz about this Focus stuff. I needs to be on tap at schools and jobs.” Anonymous L. A., CA

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