Doctah B's Elevated and TotalBody Paracleanse Program Instructions

Congratulations! You have just chosen to elevate your health with one of Doctah B’s Paracleanse Detoxification and Rejuvenation programs. In this booklet there is information about the products within the programs and suggestions on how to use them properly. There is also an optimal nutritional chart that can be used in conjunction with the programs and may also be used as a guide for those who would like to continue on the path of optimal nutrition for life.

Let's get started! WHAT'S IN THE BOX

The Total Body Paracleanse Program includes:
  • (2) Quantum Paracleanse Herbal Tonic
  • (1) Lax Ease Tonic
  • (1) New Life Tonic
  • (1) Sacred Womb or Timeless ManTonic
  • (1) Herbal Tooth Powder
  • (1) Tranquility Tonic
  • (1) B Sirius Liver Powder

The Elevated Total Body Paracleanse Program Includes: all the products in the Total Body Paracleanse Program, Plus Two additional Products:

  • (1) Master Mushroom Tonic
  • (1) Vitamin C Tonic
  • Quantum Paracleanse Herbal Tonic: Helps to eliminate parasites worms, promote detoxification, and enhance the body’s natural defense system.
  • Lax Ease Tonic: Helps to promote mild colon cleansing, support the intestinal track, and help remove intestinal toxins.
  • New Life Tonic: Helps to boost energy, detoxify the blood, support the heart, supply micro nutrients, and assist the clearing of excess mucus.
  • Sacred Womb Tonic: Helps to normalize female tissue, regulate PMS, nourish the womb and the ovaries, and relax the mind.
  • Timeless Man Tonic: Helps to improve male potency, prostate support, sexual performance, genital circulation, virility, and to balance the male reproductive system.
  • Herbal Tooth Powder: Helps to neutralize oral bacteria, parasites, to help control plaque, tarter, and halitosis.
  • Tranquility Tonic: Helps with relaxaion, insomnia, stress relief, and nourishing the nervous system.
  • B Sirius Liver Powder: Helps to promote liver, kidney, spleen cleansing, regeneration, detoxification and protection.

These next products are only included in The Elevated Program:

  • Vitamin C Tonic: a super antioxidant tonic that helps to remove plaque from the blood vessels, boost the body’s natural defenses, makes mineral more absorable, speeds up tissue repair and cellular detoxification. The Camu Camu berry and Baobab contain the highest known source of natural vitamin C.
  • Master Mushroom Tonic: These 9 powerful mushrooms and 5 amazing herbs have helps eradicate super bugs & brain parasites like Toxo P, to promote deeper cellular detoxification, greatly enhance immune function, to help reduce abnormal cell growth, to assist in healing from major illness and to keep the body healthy by creating balance also known as a state of Homeostasis.

How to Proceed:

For Optimum results, drink 64oz. of spring, distilled, or alkaline water each day. Avoid all animal products (fish, poultry, red meat, pork, and dairy) and processed sugars (e.g. white, brown, and all artificial sweeteners), diet / fat reduced foods, fast foods, chemicals. These things make parasites stronger and reduce the body’s healing potential. Avoid the use of chemical household cleaning products, fluoride toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, liquor, commercial lotions, creams, and deodorants. Many of these products have toxic chemicals such as benzene, and other poisonous substances that cause parasites to flourish and make the body more toxic.

Doctah B's Total Body Paracleanse Program Suggested instructions:

In the morning take 1 dropper of the Quantum Paracleanse the first day, 2 droppers on day two, 3 droppers on day three, 4 droppers on day four, 5 droppers on day five, and 6 droppers on day six. After day six, continue taking six droppers of the Quantum Paracleanse for the remainder of the 28 days. Also in Morning take 3 droppers once a day of each of these products: New Life, Lax Ease, Sacred Womb or Timeless Man, and take 3 droppers Tranquility at bed time for the entire 28 days. Take one level tablespoon of the Liver Powder in natural juice, tea, plant based milk or in water each day. Note: The Liver Powder may only last 2-3 weeks and this is a normal for this program. It would be best to take all the tonics in the morning or early afternoon and the Tranquility Tonic before bed. Take 1 level tablespoon of the B Sirius Liver Powder a day.

Doctah B’s Elevated TotalBody Paracleanse additional suggested instructions:

Master Mushroom Tonic: Three droppers two times a day placed in ½ to 1 cup of very hot water. Bring water to a boil first then remove it from heat and place the tonic in this water. Let it stand for 20 minutes then drink like tea. Vitamin C Tonic: Three droppers of Vitamin c tonic one time a day at the same time as the TotalBody program products. It may be combined with the other products in the TotalBody program, in water or either directly in mouth or be placed in the tea with the mushroom tonic.

All the products can be taken on an empty stomach or with food. They also may be taken indiviually or together all at one time in water, tea, or directly in the mouth. In no way try to fill the dropper up to the top; approximately one inch of liquid is sufficient) ***[1 squeeze or 1 dropper = 20 drops or about one inch of liquid in the dropper; 3 squeezes = 60 drops, 6 squeezes = one teaspoon]***

FYI • All of the tonics in the programs including B Sirius Liver Powder may be mixed together or taken separatly. All the products should be take around the same time period preferably in the morning and not separated throughout the day. Only the Tranquility Tonic should be taken at bedtime.

While on this program it is important to drink at least eight 8oz glasses or more of spring, distilled or high quality filtered water a day while detoxing. • Colon function should be regular, at least two to three times a day, if not you may have serious blockage or excessive intestinal plaque build up. If this so a much stronger colon cleanse product may be desired. There are great products you may choose from a health food store like Trifala, CKLS by New Body, Super Colon Cleanser by Health Plus. It is ok to take a stronger colon cleanse with the programs if needed.

A large portion of the population have candida or yeast overgrowth in conjunction with parasites. Together they create a type of internal swamp. There is a great product called Floracor, it is a high quality combination of systemic enzymes and friendly bacteria (pre- and pro-biotic) and is great for reducing Candida and improving digestive health. If you like we can order Floracore for you by phone only.

These programs are not meant for those pregnant or nursing. These products may be too strong for children under the age of 9. Discontinue use if you have adverse reactions. If you have a chronic condition or would like the deepest cleansing it may be best if you do the cleanse programs for 3 consecutive months without a gap. Research shows that systemic Total Body Paracleanse program once each season helps keep the body healthy and will augment the proper immune response. During the entire cleanse do not eat any animal products or processed sugar (e.g. white, brown raw, sugar cane, and artificial sweeteners). Processed sugar makes parasites stronger and weakens the body’s healing potential. 100% organic natural fruit juice is okay.

Disclaimer All sales are final. As with ALL health products, therapies, and techniques there are no guarantees due to the diversity of people. We only offer natural health historical information, products, education, consultation, and research that may not be approved by the FDA, AMA, CMA or any other traditional medical societies or organizations. The historical references of the herbs, products, or practices are mentioned for educational purposes only. We DO NOT prescribe or offer medical advice as a form of treatment for illness. If pregnant, nursing, or under medical care, check with your doctor before using natural products. In the event you use historical or educational information, therapies, practices, techniques or natural products as treatment you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, we at Elevation or Doctah B’s assume no responsibility. As with all food products there is a chance of allergic reactions; in such cases use of that product should be discontinued. No statement contained herein shall be construed as a claim or representation of diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease. As with all things, certain persons considered experts may disagree with one or more of the conclusions and opinions reported or stated herein, but the information is deemed, nevertheless, to be of current nutritional and scientific interest and to be based on reliable and sound authority.