What is a Parasite?

A parasite is an organism that lives in or on another organism (it’s host) and benefits by drawing nutrients and energy from the host at the host’s expense. They range from microscopic in size to 33 feet long in humans. Parasites or worms as they are sometimes called are one of the most plentiful life forms on earth and one of the oldest for they are masters of survival. Some parasites can reproduce at an alarming rate, laying more than 5000 eggs a day.  Others reproduce without even laying eggs, while some, like bacteria or viruses just duplicate themselves. Several varieties when cut into pieces each piece make a new worm.

Parasites are a part of life. They live in every environment, in plants, animals, insects, water, soil, some even float in the air on droplets of water. They are excellent at adapting and mutating. Some create protective coverings like cysts; others go into a suspended animation or stasis and are found in ice and in extreme heat above 700 degrees Fahrenheit still alive. They are important for the survival of the planet. In some cases they help break down dead animals and plants returning them to the earth, some also help clean up debris. Many animals have a small amount of these creatures in and on their body naturally. Parasites should not be confused with friendly bacteria or intestinal flora that assists in the digestion of food. Friendly bacteria also help protect the body from dangerous levels of unhealthy types of bacteria. They are essential for good health; in fact we can’t live without them.

The Problem

Problems begin when the population of parasites gets too high. It is estimated that 80% of the population have been infected by these bugs and their toxins.  In medical practice large numbers of parasitic infections are misdiagnosed as some other disease, and the wrong treatment is prescribed causing further illness and even death. This is very unfortunate and easily preventable. The overabundance of parasites in humans is causing the equivalent of the modern day plague, a true pandemic.

Parasites are one of the leading causes of illness in the world, along with dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, toxins and stress. They change our internal chemistry and interfere with the natural functions of our body. Parasites absorb our nutrition, make homes (cysts), lay eggs, deposit waste and cause organ failure. Chronic infestation weakens our natural defenses, inhibits hormones, digestion, elimination, causes malnutrition, inflammation, and even change the normal thinking factors of the host. In addition to causing several illnesses, parasites prevent the body from healing from other diseases they may not have caused. Countless physical and psychological health challenges result from infestation.

Parasitic worms may be the underlying cause of Swine Flu (H1N1), SARS, AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, Sexual Dysfunction, Addictions, Cold / Flu, and countless so called modern day illnesses. Parasites, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and various poisons make our body much like a toxic waste dump. The population at large has become the perfect breeding ground for millions of life threatening parasites, viruses, and fungus.

Chemicals Create “Super Bugs”

Other reasons parasite infestations are so wide spread is because of the increase in travel and the abandonment of age-old herbal medicine for the substitution of modern chemical inorganic drugs. Research has shown that these chemicals are not the best approach to this epidemic because parasites become chemically resistant creating “Super Bugs”. This chemical resistance is also the result of the techniques used in raising modern livestock and agriculture. The use of chemicals is widespread in pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, animal feed, and as antibiotics all used in modern day factory farming. Studies have shown that parasites and parasitic Super Bug infestations are easily spread to the human population because of the consumption of these parasite infested, chemically laden, preservative rich, moldy, processed, and denatured foods. When these things are eliminated from the diet, the body begins to heal itself. These creatures are not just in commercial processed foods, they’re everywhere, vegetarians and vegans have them too.

Cross Contamination

Cross contamination and poor hygiene practices are more reasons this problem is wide spread. This is the process where organisms or toxins are passed from one to another. These organisms are easily spread from person to person through bodily fluids, sweat, and even through casual contact. One trip to a public restroom, restaurant kitchen, or a surprise visit to a good friend or relatives home could give you a new perspective after reading this information. Some people rarely wash their hands, some don’t bathe very well or often enough, some don’t bathe at all, others may just “wet rag” under their arm pits and then over cologne themselves to the world. People cough, sneeze, scratch, pick their noses, and other body parts and then greet you with open hands that have never seen water or soap. Don’t take it personal when some folks don’t shake hands. I’ve learned to bow a lot. This may sound funny but it’s the truth.

Western Medicine

Have you ever wondered why western medicine doesn’t support proven relatively inexpensive natural therapies? I think it’s amazing how many people have serious health challenges that can afford expensive treatment but are still sick. Why is there no talk about natural health care plans in the discussions about “health care”? I’m not blind to the great advances modern medicine has made in some areas. Surgery, emergency care, diagnosis, and other forms of treatment have come a long way. But the medical business seems to fall short when it comes down to prevention, nutrition, detoxification, and this age-old parasite issue. It will be great when western medicine and natural therapies join forces to create the balanced system of health that we all need. Until that time we must stop covering up symptoms. We must make better choices by doing our own research and considering natural therapies that go to the root causes of illness.

A medical doctor once told me that most of them (doctors) don’t study parasites or nutrition; therefore they may not realize that parasites and nutritional deficiencies are the underlying cause of many illnesses. He went on to say that exercise, proper hydration, supplementation, periodic parasite cleansing and detoxification are the key to good health. After he purchased a parasite cleanse program for he and his wife he walked toward the door, turned around thanked me for my work and said that I should never mention his name.

Old School Wisdom

Man has made great technological advancements and scientific achievements but at the same time most folks have thrown out “old school” conventional wisdom. As we look to our grandparents and ancestors we find that people were healthier when we used a more natural approach to wellness. Traditional herbology has been used effectively for hundreds of thousands of years, in fact that’s all that was available until recently. Herbs and nutrition have been used for prevention and treatment of parasites and other diseases in most cultures. It was herbal medicine that helped the world heal from plagues. Herbs were and still are used in foods as flavorings, to slow down food spoilage, control worms and to promote wellness. Ancient people all over the world used plant based herbal medicine and thrived.

Parasite Cleansing with Herbs

History shows that many cultures did some sort of cleansing ritual of one sort or another when the seasons changed or based on the moon cycles. This is the best time to do this because when the environment changes our bodies internal environment changes with the seasons. The parasites are in tune with the season changes and the 28 day moon cycles. They eat, procreate, live and die based on these natural rhythms. They are also in tune with our living and eating habits. When we change our habits and cleanse our bodies it throws the parasites off balance and their defenses are weakened. Parasites have no natural defenses against specialized herbal combinations, the natural phyto-chemicals in certain herbs interrupts their life stages and feeding patterns. A special group of bitter herbs makes the human body taste bad to the bugs, disrupts their eating habits, destroys their eggs, and interferes with their communication and navigation systems. Because parasites are masters of survival these herbal combinations must be changed from season to season so the parasites don’t adapt to the herbs or mutate into “Super Bugs”.

Using the same combination of herbs over and over renders the combination useless after a few seasons. This is why most commercial herbal cleanses may kill some weak parasites but make the strong ones stronger. Most of these cleanses use various combinations of Wormwood, Black Walnut hulls, and Cloves which may be effective for some intestinal worms but not so effective to combat the systemic parasite infestation that a large population of people have today.

Modern Day Plague

In the past it was a common belief that parasite problems only exist in third world countries, this can be a dangerous assumption. These disease causing pests are alive and well in the USA. Parasites are fast becoming the equivalent of a modern day plague and most humans don’t know they have them until it’s too late. Parasites are the single most undiagnosed health challenge. Parasitic worms are some the most toxic agents known, they are one of the primary underlying causes of disease and the most basic cause of compromised health today. This is a clear and present danger, we are in a state of emergency and there is a simple and natural solution.

  • Here are just a few parasites that live in humans:
  • Tapeworms can grow up to 33 feet and can lay hundreds of eggs a day.
  • Pinworms live in the anus, they come out and lay eggs in bedclothes at night while we sleep.
  • Whipworm feeds off colon tissue, and could cause cancer. More than 644 million people are infected with Whip and Hookworms around the world.
  • Hookworms can drink up to 1cc. of blood from the intestine a day. This could be the reason for wide spread anemia. The American Hookworm is called “Necator Americanus” which means “American Murderer”. Why? Because it KILLS!
  • Strongeloides is a worm that lives in muscle tissue causing pain and weakness.
  • Leach Moniathin comes from desert flies and could be the cause for Gulf War Syndrome.
  • Guardia Lambia lives in drinking water, chlorination has no effect on it. It causes severe stomach infections in millions of people each day. Many times it is misdiagnosed as the stomach flu.
  • Cryptosporidium comes from cattle farm’s contaminated run off water. The Center for Disease Control reports that no conventional water treatment kills this parasite. It is an ideal carrier for many of today’s immune diseases.
  • Tuberculosis is a parasite that lives inside white blood cells and kills 3 million people a year. Malaria is a parasite that lives in the blood of mosquitoes and is easily transferred to humans with one mosquito bite.
  • Bubonic Plague is carried by fleas.
  • The Fluke worm is very dangerous, as recent studies have found that this parasite helps to cause HIV, AIDS, CANCER, DIABETES, MENTAL PROBLEMS, and many other health related problems according to many professionals. It is found in pork, chicken, and beef.

The list goes on and on, but don't worry there is a bright side.