Doctah B’s Medicine Music experience was life changing.  I listen while meditating.  The experience opened up heart spaces that I didn’t even realize were blocked. The colors and waves I see when listening are something I have never experienced before. My journey is just beginning and the shifts I am feeling are so beautiful.  Thank you DoctahB for sharing your gift with the world I am forever grateful for you. 
Sincerely, B. Dugstad
“Doctah B Sirius is one of the most powerful healers and mind body educators of our time. He and his natural health products are of the highest quality and great integrity. I love Doctah B’s Platinum Life Endurance Elixir and I use it often. It's one of my favorite health products.”
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder/Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center of Los Angeles
"Thanks to your knowledge and help, my health is much improved. Thanks Doctah B!"
Russell Simmons
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Yogi
"For four years, Doctah B Sirius has created and taught one of the most successful courses in the history of this university. His magnificent teaching style and his passion to help his students grow and be healthy has inspired many to become very successful in all areas of life."
Ronnie Rubin
UCLA Extension Director
"Doctah B Sirius is a true modern day Medicine Man, a natural born healer. Before one of my sessions with him I was in so much pain it was hard to walk, when Doctah B left the pain level dropped significantly."
Les Brown
World Renown Master Motivational Speaker and Coach
"Takin the Platinum Life Elixir I feel more alert and energized and I feel the authenticity of people, It's almost like i can read their intentions, My intuitition has become more intense. I feel like I can do anything i put my mind to."
A. Brown
Houston, TX
" Platinum Life (Reserve) is remarkable. I feel and look younger, stronger, and more vibrant each day. I was with there one evening when Doctah B gave some too Dick Gregory so i had to have it. Wow!!!"
N. Dickson
Washington DC
"I have never taken a product that has enhanced my life like Doctah B's Platinum Life Elixir and Parasite products. My mind is clear and focused, my energy at 60 years old is like I'm 30. My dreams are coming true. My sex life is amazing, my energy is over the top, I'm super creative. I worked in manufacturing for many years around toxic chemicals which took their toll on me. I was so sick that the Doctors had given up and so did I. Then a freind gifted me Doctah B's 28 day Total body Paracleanse Program and two bottles of His Platinum Life Elixer which i took for 3 months. Now I am am back to life, started an on line booming business, travel and writing a book. I buy the Platinum life Elixer triple strength 6 at a time a sell it to freinds so that mine is free..  I love all of Doctah B's high quality products and i never go with out my Platinum Life. Thank you so much Doctah B Sirius."
" Night driving has always been a problem for me along with remembering names. I took Focus while driving all night on the way to a conference, stayed up all night no problem and did much better remembering names and information thru the weekend, Wow."
A.B. Smith
Jackson MS
" I have discovered and incredible combination, Focus and Platinum Life triple strength (Beckwith Reserve). Focus is like turning on the lights and Platinum keeps them lit and makes me just know things, and my sex life is amazing now...... Thank you Doctah B for helping me jump start my mind and my life."
A.B. Collins
New York, NY
I am in my 70's and still desire a sex life. I tried lots of products to boost my nature with little success. I tried Doctah B's Natures Passion Elixir and oh my God it was like a water fall and became very passionate again. Now I've got to find a new man who can keep up. The Essential Balance is a excellent tasting and rejuvenating formula for the body. It strengthens my body’s defense system and provides protection against radiation . It keeps my body feeling nourished while eating less at the same time. Thank you W. M
V. Taylor
Los Angeles, CA
"Doctah B is one of the best herbalists I have ever met. He is also an incredible lecturer and a trusted educator in the field of holistic health. I use Doctah B’s Total Body Paracleanse often and it has helped my family and I stay healthy and fit. I don’t know of a better program to eradicate parasites and bring the body into balance."
Dr. Christopher M. Cox, MD.
Obstetrics & Gynecology
"Doctah B’s products are of the highest quality I’ve seen. The medicinal herbs and natural ingredients he chooses for his products are ingenious and very effective to all those who use them."
David Wolf
Natural Health Expert
"As a writer, Platinum Life Monatomic Elixir is the best natural supply of energy. Since I have been using it I have gotten 7 million dollars of GRANTS funded. My creativity is heightened. It is awesome becaue I can go to sleep, and rest more soundly. The best part is that I wake up the next morning with the same energy and creativity."
D. Osborn
Los Angeles, CA
"I lost 30lbs with the elevated total body program, works well."
"I have discovered and incredible combination, Focus and Platinum Life triple strength  (Reserve). Focus is like turning on the lights and Platinum keeps them lit and makes me just know things, and my sex life is amazing now......thank you Doctah B for helping me jump start my mind and my life."
A.B. Collins
New York, NY
"The Master Mushroom Tonic is a Godsend. This product saved my life."
J. Norman
Greenwich, Ct.
" This Focus product is great, it makes me feel Focused and Limitless. I have tried many of the brain enhancement products out there but this is the best and its all natural. I just made a huge business deal while taking this product and I was at my best. Ill be buying this for my entire staff for my new business. Thank you Doctah B, Focus is a hit"
T. Zimmerman
New York, NY
"This stuff is amazing! My memory has returned and my eyesight and hearing has improved greatly, Thank you Doctah B for this one of my new favorites."
J. Green
Atlanta GA
" I use Focus for dream recall, I'm getting deep messages while I sleep."
M. Collins
Sandy Springs GA
"Mental and physical exercises operate on the same neural pathways. Whether you're in study, meditating or sweating at the gym Doctah B's Focus formula helps you facilitate the infusion of intent and maintain the clarity necessary to realize your potential. Combining the popular nootropics bacopa and theanine with a blend of rainforest herbs, Focus provides energy and mental clarity without the harshness and crash of energy drinks or the gitteriness of coffee."
L. Williams
Atlanta, GA
"Someone need to tell Dr Oz about this Focus stuff. I needs to be on tap at schools and jobs."
Los Angeles, CA
I love this product and Passion loves me. I've been taking it along with my other supplements and makes them all work better. My man and I have noticed a huge enhancement of our sex life. There is more passion, more sensation, more sex, more love. His erections are stronger, he seems bigger, he has more energy, is more confident and is more satisfying to me.We have both become Multi-orgasmic, it's like we are teenagers again in our 50s. We've found the fountain of youth in Pure Endurance
B. Miller
Los Angeles, CA