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Doctah B’s C-Curity Kit

The essential Cold Flu Allergy Germ & Force Field Protection Kit

This Kit includes:

1-Herbal Defense $37                                                                                                                    This combination of herbs have been researched and successfully used traditionally for Colds & Flu, Allergy, Virus, Bacteria, and Cellular Protection, to boost the body’s natural defenses and help control mucus.

2- Vitamin C  Tonic $25 each                                                                                                  Worlds strongest natural vitamin C sources Camu Camu & Baobab. Has been used traditionally as a super alkaline antioxidant, immunity, decalcification, inflammation and as a natural mood enhancer. Has also been used as an immune booster, plaque reducer, mood enhancer, as well as for energy.

1- Life Elixir Spray $25                                                                                                                  This product is a must for every first aid kit.
Has been used traditionally for: first aid, rash, pimples, pain, sprains, burns, cuts, infections, itching, to help stop bleeding, bug bites, poison ivy, oak, sumac and to purify your personal space.

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