Frequency of Fabricated Fabrics

All physical matter consists of energy, higher frequencies typically aid with our health while lower vibrations tend to contribute to dis-ease of the body. Most people don’t consider their clothes as energetic material but think about it… we are electric beings and whatever we interact with has the potential to change our energetic and functional state. The clothes we wear are constantly interacting withour skin, the largest human organ, so it is important to consider the effects of different materials on the human body.

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According to Yellen's study report a healthy human body registers a frequency of 100, but a very diseased body has a frequency of 15. Wool and Linen(which is made from flax), both have frequencies of 5,000 but should be worn separately. Wool's energy flows from left to right, whereas the frequency of linenflows right to left. When these two super fabrics are worn together they cancel out their healing effects to zero. (Leviticus 19:19 and Deuteronomy 22:11 both state not to mix certain fabrics such as wool and linen). Fabrics like organic cotton register at 100 and although hemp isn't as heavily researched, we know that like linen it carries no static charge. This means that hemp is extremely grounding to wear and it pampers our skin more after each time it's worn.

Conventional cotton sits at 70 - while silk, polyester, and rayon place at 15. Wearing low energy fabrics causes strain on any healthy human body and in turn weakens our immune systems over extended periods of time. This causes inflammation, illness and emotional instability. When we wear fabrics like rayon, nylon, and polyester, we are basically wearing plastic. These fabrics shed microplastics into the water supply when laundered so there is more than a slight possibility that these toxic microplastics are being absorbed through the skin. Intentional living doesn't stop with just the food we consume and it is now more important than ever to consider how our daily habits raise and/or lower our vibrational signature. It's time to heal.

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