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Flu Fear Syndrome?

Every year there’s a lot of talk about viruses such as the flu attacking humanity, with a vengeance. How is it that the experts know all about the issues after they happen but never for see the issues coming or talk about prevention before the fact? After all every year the flu scare is broadcast to using a fear-based campaign to vaccinate the world.

The theory is to inject people with a small amount of the actual virus and hope they make antibodies to fight off the disease. Even the experts are in dispute over the risk factors in comparison to the benefits of vaccinations. Each year there are several reported cases of severe sickness and even death due to inoculations. Since knowledge is power, then we are better off doing our own research before blindly following any fear-based pandemic or forced inoculation scenarios. There is lots of information on vaccinations on the internet. Find out how they are made, their history, and if they could be legally forced upon the public. Know your constitutional Rights.

What is a Virus

The word “virus” means poison in Latin. A virus is a clump of genetic material (DNA or RNA) bunched inside a protein packet. It is also defined as a number of various sub-microscopic parasites that can infect any person, animal, plant or bacteria. And if it remains uncontrolled can lead to disease. The keyword here is “uncontrolled.”

A virus needs a living host cell to survive. Viruses cannot survive in cells that are healthy or when the body is not toxic and if the defense system is functioning at its highest potential.
 Our healthy bodies contain viruses and bacteria that our natural defense system controls to keep us from becoming sick.

Many viruses originate in animals and humans contract the diseases through cross-contamination. Cross-contamination occurs through close contact with animals and consuming infected flesh. Viruses, bacteria, and a host of other diseases are in high concentration in feedlots where most livestock are raised. Swine flu comes from pigs. Bird flu comes from birds. Mad Cow comes from Cows. Chicken pox originated in chickens. Lime disease comes from deer tics. Malaria comes from mosquitoes.

What can make a person susceptible to a virus?

Eating an unnatural, high fat, high salt, gluten, and high processed sugar diet. Using some of these canola, soy, corn and “vegetable” oils in cooking.
Consuming products with Hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, refined and rancid oils, butters and margarines.

Drinking tap water, acidic water and various brands of bottled water in plastic.

Consuming food preservatives and artificial flavorings that are considered excitotoxins, like MSG, autolyzed and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, sulfur dioxide, artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup.

  • Processed foods.
  • Eating refined, processed grains and dairy products.
  • Over consumption of domesticated animal products. Check out:
  • Deficiencies Vitamin A, D3, C Magnesium, Zinc.
  • Over use of antibiotics and chemicals.
  • Having an over abundance of fungus (Candida) and a deficiency of friendly bacteria.
  • Living in fear which creates chronic stress that weakens the defense system. (google Dr. Bruce Lipton)

Ways to naturally boost your defense system and protect yourself.

  • Eat plant-based nutrition.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and only ones in season. Farmers markets are great.
  • Use Lemon, Bergamot, and Lavender essential oils.
  • Use Rose water spray as a sanitizer.
  • Drink plenty of spring water.
  • Use herbs for the healing of the nations. These medicinal herbs help to boost your natural defense system very effectively. Elder berry, Olive Leaf, Taheebo, Bitter Melon, Hyssop, Cherry bark, Yerba Santa, Jatoba, Osha root, Peppermint, Melissa, Fenugreek seeds, Manzo, and OxyFulvic acid. All these above mentioned great medicinal herbs are included in Doctah B’s Sirius Defense Herbal Tonic. This amazing product is a great way to help protect us from cold and flu season but also helps the body fight off disease, decrease symptoms, and shorten the healing time. It has been called “The Natural Flu Shot.” Lots of our customers have given it to their children and families as part of a back to school protection, prevention program with great success. Doctah B’s Sirius Defense Herbal Tonic is on sale now for $30 4Fl Oz.
  • Do a seasonal purification and parasite cleanse. Doctah B’s Total Body Paracleasne 28-day program is now $199.
  • Coconut oil the miracle food. Use only Organic, Virgin, Cold-pressed, Unrefined, Raw, Pure Coconut Oil as an essential fatty acid, vitamin A, E, D, and beta-carotene supplement. Coconut oil contains Lauric acid, which is one of nature’s best anti-viral substances, as well as, Caprilic acid one of the best-known anti-fungal substances. Excellent for eating, cooking, and as a whole body moisturizer.
    Google: The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D.
  • Try Doctah B’s Activated Magnesium Spray with MSM and Fulvic Acid to the body daily. (2oz bottle  $8oz bottle $30)
  • Wash hands with 100% vegetable oil soap regularly for 30 seconds or more. Research shows that most anti-bacterial soaps may kill weak bacteria and make the strong ones stronger.

Protect you and your families health. Have faith, be proactive about your life, practice stress reduction, eat the best nutrition available, and do your own research. It’s elevation time. – Doctah B

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