Sirius Defense Herbal Tonic 4 FL OZ New Formulation


Anti viral, Anti Bacterial, Energetic protection

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An All new 2020 for formulation Maximum Flu, Cold, Allergy and Immune Support

These herbs have been researched and successfully used traditionally for Colds & Flu, Allergy, Virus, Bacteria, and Cellular Protection, to boost the body’s natural defenses and help control mucus.

A proprietary 1:10 extract of Olive Leaf, Taheebo,Wild Oregano, Star Anise, Elderberry, Camu Camu Red, Wild Cherry Bark, Horse Radish, Bitter Melon, Osha Root, Cats Claw Bark, Tulsi, Peppermint, Burgamont oil, Wild Onion, Garlic, Thyme, Cayenne, Wild Oregano Vulgar, Orange & Lemon peels, Apple Cider vinegar, Wild Radish, Orange Oil, Ionic Minerals, Fulvic Acid,Vegetable Glycerin, and 12% Grape Alcohol.

4 Fl Oz.


Whenever I take Doctah B’s Sirius Defense it feels like I am wearing a bulletproof vest. Its mild warming effect helps fight fatigue and circulate any stagnant energy, it also helps with congestion and clearing out my sinuses. S. Declama Atlanta, Ga

“I am a school teacher and while on the way to work one September morning I heard Doctah B on KJLH radio speaking about health issuses. I am exposed to all kinds of viruses during flu season at school, every year i catch somthing. That weekend I went to hear Doctah B speak at Elevation on pico Blvd in L.A. and was starting to feel little bit of the flu symtoms on the way to the lecture and i almost went back home. Somthing told me to go anyway and i did even though i was not feeling my best. At the beginning of the lecture Doctah B talked about the flu and cold season and mentioned his B Sirius Defense Herbal Tonic. I got up from my seat when into the store and purchased it and took some before I even got my change back. I suddenly felt a warming sensation starting in my chest and moving through my body. I walkedback to my seat and all the symptoms were gone. After the lecture i bought his Total Body Program and allmost every product he talked about that day. I do the 28 day Program every time the seasons change and I take The Sirius Defense herbal tonic three times a week during the school year and every day during flu season. I may get a few symtoms but never the full flu or have to take days off.” A. Talor-White, Pasadena, Ca

This product is a life saver. Bravo Doctah B  G. Clinton

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