Sirius Rejuvenation Male Program


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This is Doctah B’s all new 2021

Sirius Total Rejuvenation Male Program.

Now include X Factor Anti viral and Doctah B’s Medicine Music Collective Two

This package is the very best in all natural Systemic Detoxification, Super Bug & Parasite Eradication, Total Body Rejuvenation, First Class Mental, Physical and Energetic Upgrade Par Excellence.

It includes:

1- 28 day Totalbody Paracleanse Male Program $199

2-Vitamin C Tonics $25 each = $50

1- Master Mushroom Tonic $175

1- THE ALL NEW  Platinum Life Elixir Triple Strength (Gregory Reserve) with Blue Lotus $239

1- Focus Mental Clarity & Energy Enhancement Tonic $47

1-Heavin On Earth Tonic $47

1-Rise And Shine $47

1- Medicine Music Collective One (432Hz DownLoad) $19

1- Medicine Music Collective Two (432 DownLoad) $19 NEW

1- Medicine Drum One (432Hz Music DownLoad) $14

1- Peaceful Forest Meditation (432Hz Music Download) $7

1- Essential Balance $47

1- X Factor 2oz $129

1- Iron Essential

Normally $1039

Package Deal $750 savings of $289 

Once you make your oder we will send you the music downloads in a separate email.

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