Guided Meditation with Medicine Music tuned to A 432Hz

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Doctah B’s Peaceful Forest Meditation (Audio DownLoad)

This is a Doctah B Sirius guided meditation that helps us become more goal and outcome oriented. He masterfully moves us to a beautiful forest of possibility inside of ourselves where we can take charge of our lives and release old thought patterns and habits that block our success. In the background are the sounds of Doctah B’s Medicine Drum and forest sounds that helps to quiet the mind and spark the imagination.

This Medicine Music is great for those who would like a mental tune up, or for those who would like to release stress, increase cognition, feel more self love & confidence or for those who may desire to create new goals and retain them at the subconscious level.

There are two 22 minute and 45 second versions in this download, The Peaceful Forest Meditation Guided meditation vocal version and a instrumental version so that one can enjoy the music without the vocals.

The unique musical instrument played on this recording is his custom creation called Doctah B’s Medicine Drum. It is made of a composite of 7 metals much like the singing prayer bowls of The East, coated with a clay coating and is tuned to one of the natural resonant harmonic frequencies of the earth which is concert pitch A 432 Hz .  The result is a sound that shifts the listeners mind naturally into a relaxed THETA State. This is a mental state in between sleeping and awake where meditation happens naturally.

This project has been performed, composed, recorded, and produced by Doctah B Sirius For ELEVATED SOUL RECORDS. Published by Soul Proprietorship Publishing (ASCAP). All rights reserved 2015.




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