Doctah B’s Elevated Living Four Workshop Replay from  Saturday July 21st 2018


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Doctah B’s Elevated Living Four Workshop Replay
From Saturday July 21st 2018
  • Are ready to join the Wise Ones and obtain the secret knowledge of great health and success.
  • Are willing to elevate your life and tap into your higher essence?
  • Are you ready to unlock your best potential and assist others to do the same?
  • Are you ready to rejuvenate your body and release physical & emotional waste.
  • Are ready to tune up, tune in, turn on now and live a healthy wealthy life.                                                          
If your answer is yes to any or all of these then don’t miss this amazing event. You will learn the basics of creating order out of chaos, turning illness into phenomenal health and turning rags into riches.
In this special workshop you will begin the next level of awakening and learn The Metaphysics of Health, Wealth, and longevity.
Time: 11:00 am till approximately 2:00ish pm EST
Investment Normally $85  May Special $39
Once you register check your email for the Workshop Link.
If you miss the Live Workshop you may view it later any time you desire, Thank you for joining us.
 Note: At the beginning beginning of this workshop replay there is a lot of space where it seems like nothing is happening, Be patient it will play.
Upon purchase you will receive your Thank You / Receipt email. Scroll down to the Instructions / Note section, you will see the link to your Class there. If the link is not clickable then copy and paste this link into your browser.
This will take you to the class sign in / registration window. Input your info and you are now in the class. You will not be charged again.


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