Elevation Foundation Special Opportunity
  • Would you like to receive a special Free download of Doctah B’s Medicine Music Collective One, Medicine Drum One and his Peaceful Forest Meditation projects?

    (All tuned tuned to the healing frequency of 432Hz.)           A $40 value?

  • Would you like to receive 20% off of your next purchase from Elevation?
  • Have you been positively influenced by Doctah B Sirius’s life time of teachings, natural health products, classes, workshops, music or words of inspiration?

If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions then join an amazing group of people who are sharing their Doctah B Sirius experiences by sharing their personal video testimonials and or a thank you video.

Your video must be 10 to 45 seconds and can be a selfie style if you like. Once we receive your video testimonial we will email you a music download and a 20% off your next purchase coupon code. Your are welcome to do more than one if you like but note that the compensation offer is limited to one music download and 20% off your next purchase only.

These testimonials will be used for website and social media

promotions. Your video does not need to be perfected or edited we will take care of this task. You must mention Doctah B or Doctah B Sirius and by name and what

By sending your testimonial you are agreeing to the use of such material for this purpose.