Doctah B Sirius, PhD and Elevation Time provides a variety of services for the mind, body, and soul.                 

Natural Remedy and Herbal formulations

Elevation offers Doctah B’s high quality natural plant based formulations that are rooted in elements from around the world, based on traditional healing wisdom proven over thousands of years.

Doctah B creates custom herbal remedies for individuals and businesses, offering product research and development consultation.

Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programs

Doctah B’s revolutionary 28 day Total Body Paracleanse and Rejuvenation Programs induce transformation on every level, systematically eradicating parasites, detoxifying at a cellular level while restoring the body’s natural energetic frequency. Doing this program seasonally (4 times a year) is a huge step toward maintaining or regaining vibrant health. More info.

Subconscious Alignment & Mental Attunement                

Subconscious Alignment is a wholistic healing modality that can rewrite undesirable mental programming, eradicate mental parasites, transform unhealthy habits, clear emotional blockages, reverse self-sabotaging beliefs, release stress, elevate mental & physical healing, help prevent illness and align the mind toward abundance. Subconscious Alignment allows for quantum shifts in life force energy, induces a whole brain state conducive to achieving new goals, by detoxifying the mind and our personal energy field.

Subconscious Alignment & Mental Attunement is offered in person, with Skype or by phone. It can be achieved on an individual basis or may be done in groups.  More info.

Nutritional Consultations                                                            

Customized counseling based on your current lifestyle and food choicesWhether you need a complete diet overhaul, are looking to manage a chronic condition, want to make more conscious food choices, or get inspiration for your new life.

Holistic Retreats Groups (To Be announced)

Private Retreats – Personal, Couples, Family, Groups. (Call for info.)

Personal And Family Wholistic Intensive Care Consultations

This service is offered for those who desire a full day or several days of wholistic consultation and guidance. This service is customized based on need and may include a combination of Nutritional Guidance, Subconscious Alignments, Reiki, Spiritual Guidance, Vibrational healing, Energy work, Music & Sound Therapy, Conflict Resolution and Life Coaching.

Life Coaching                                                                                            

Mental, Spiritual, Physical Wellness Education / How to be the Best Me Right Now.

Seminars, Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Key Note Addresses  For more than 20 years Doctah B Sirius has been a renown public speaker and educator. Since 1994, hundreds of thousands have chosen the guidance of the great “catalyst for self actualization.” Now it’s your turn. Be healthy. Be whole. Be your best self now…with Doctah B Sirius “The Medicine Man.”

Wholistic Lifestyle Transformation

We customize programs for those who are ready to actively choose or are currently challenged with chronic illness.

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