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ELEVATED TOTALBODY PROGRAM 1. TotalBody Paraclense Female Program 1.Master Mushroom Tonic 1. Vitamin C Tonic

$399.00 $369.00


This is an all new Elevated version of Doctah B’s TOTAL BODY 28 DAY PROGRAM

This program is for those who would like to go beyond our standard Total Body parasite cleansing Program and upgrade to a system that has an even deeper healing cycle within 28 days. It helps the body deal with Super Bugs like Toxo-P while, helping the body heal from chronic illness, sharpen the mind,regain the will thus take control of our lives, regulate free radicals, and augment the immune response greatly. The 11 medicinal mushrooms and 5 supper immune enhancing plants in the Master Mushroom Tonic along with the ingredients in Doctah B’s Vitamin C Tonic have been using traditionally to greatly enhance our health on all levels. There is nothing like this anywhere, its the best of the best. Several of our clients are choosing to do this 28 day elevated program for 3 months to allow deeper intracellular detoxification.

This very special program has been the choice of many of our very satisfied clients for years and now for the first time we are offering it as a special package for a limited time for those who are ready for an elevated approach to detoxification and rejuvenation.


1. Totalbody Paracleanse Female Program, Regular price $199

1. Master Mushroom Tonic 4 Fl Oz, Regular price $175

1. Vitamin C tonic 2 Fl Oz, Regular $25

Regular Total $399

Special 369. Save $30

Limited time offer.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in

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