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A realization in 1996 inspired Doctah B Sirius to create a unique process using a combination of medicinal herbs, flower essences, crystal elixirs, essential oils, magnetic resonance, musical tones and circadian rhythms know as Moon cycles. This special process has been known to interrupt the mating and feeding cycle of a broad spectrum of parasites which allows the body to realign, recover and recycle.
Doctah B’s revolutionary 28 day Total Body Paracleanse and Rejuvenation Programs induce transformation on every level. Systemic parasites and mutated superbugs live throughout the body unlike the common digestive system variety which are much easier to eliminate.
The goal is to help the body eradicate systemic parasites naturally, assist with detoxification at a cellular level while releasing mental and physical congestion with out harmful side effects. This process allows the body to reenergize the immune system while restoring the natural energetic frequency of wellness. To keep the body healthy it is suggested to do a Total Body detoxification and rejuvenation program every 3-4 months or as the seasons change.

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