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Doctah B’s life passion is all about inspiring people to experience the best that life can offer. After personally dealing with life threatening health challenges, witnessing relatives’ friends and community suffer from physical and emotional imbalances he chose to no longer follow the mainstream model of treating symptoms. He realized that the current health care model was missing something essential so he searched and researched for another way to live and ended up on the natural path to wellness.
He started using all natural remedies and adopted a holistic way of living which allowing his body to heal naturally from the root causes of illness. He was experiencing what was thought to be impossible, spontaneous healing. From this point on he saw life through different eyes and became extremely passionate about expressing the virtues of natural health to everyone. At first he used the knowledge from his findings to make herbal remedies to heal himself.
After being asked several times to share his healing methods it wasn’t before long before he himself finally realized that his approach to herbal formulation was quite unique, extremely effective and should be shared with the world.

Elevation now offers Doctah B’s high quality natural plant based formulations that are rooted in elements from around the world, based on traditional healing wisdom proven over thousands of years.
To create these remedies, he uses a proprietary process using Organic and /
or Wild-crafted herbs, programmed and structured water, flower essences, essential oils, sound waves, Reiki Energy, Pranic Energy and crystal elixirs to maximize overall healing potential.
All of his herbal tonics and elixirs include the incredible healing power of concentrated Fulvic acid. Because of this, these products are enhanced remarkably, thus creating a quantum leap in their effectiveness.

Since 1994, hundreds of thousands made the conscious choice to transform their lives with Doctah B’s natural solutions and remedies.
Now it’s your turn.
Be healthy. Be whole. Be your best self now… Choose Doctah B’s.

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