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Doctah B’s Medicine Music is a new genre of sound therapy created for vibrational healing mind body and spirit.
This project actually began about 40 years ago when a young Doctah B Sirius began to create music and study the mysteries of nature. Now allows us to join him on a remarkable musical wellness journey of self-discovery and healing while inducing a whole brain state, higher realms of consciousness and pure pleasure.
These lush musical tapestries are tuned to specific natural frequencies like 432Hz, 528Hz and are infused with the sounds of nature. Doctah B also utilizes Bi Neural and Tri Neural Beats with Theta Waves deep within in each of these selections that further facilitates a balanced state of mind and body.

The result is transformational!

Doctah B takes us on a mystical journey using a combination of indigenous and traditional instruments, nature, the sounds of medicinal plants, analog and digital technologies. These offerings are meticulously recorded in very high definition using a new technology Doctah B calls “Digalog” which captures the warmth of old school analog recordings and the technological advances of Digital recordings.

The audio quality is stunning!

Great for those who would like a temporary mental tune up, or for those who would like to release stress, increase cognition, feel more self love & confidence or for those who may desire to create new goals and retain them at the subconscious level. It’s also great for lovemaking, meditation, exercise, yoga, marshal arts, driving, and art creation.
The out come is phenomenal!

Are you prepared experience a shift in your life?
Then these offering belong in your transformational tool kit.
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