DOCTAH B’S MEDICINE MUSIC COLLECTIVE Doctah B’s Medicine Music is a new genre of sound therapy created for vibrational healing mind body and spirit. This project actually began about 40 years ago when a young Doctah B Sirius began to create music and study the mysteries of nature. Now allows us to join him on […]

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New Articles On The Way

  Please check back for new and exciting articles!    

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Doctah B’s Wholistic Living Webinars

Doctah b with herbs

These Wholistic living webinars share ideas, techniques, protocols, practices and ways to create balance in our lives by taking into account that all things are connected and making choices that enhance our lives and our world. Doctah B discusses ways to create harmony in all aspects of our lives. He will cover subjects such as choosing natural […]

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One of The 4 Secrets To Creating Lasting Health & Longevity


Springtime is upon us. Seeds are sprouting forth and new beginnings are to be had. It is a time to explore ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and regrowth. It is the time of the year where we are reminded of the pervading truth, that Life is always seeking greater and more expression of itself. It […]

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