Doctah B’s Medicine Music is a new genre of sound therapy created for vibrational healing mind body and spirit.

This project actually began about 40 years ago when a young Doctah B Sirius began to create music and study the mysteries of nature. Now allows us to join him on a remarkable musical wellness journey of self-discovery and healing while inducing a whole brain state, higher realms of consciousness and pure pleasure.

These lush musical tapestries are tuned to specific natural frequencies like 432Hz, 528Hz and are infused with the sounds of nature. Doctah B also utilizes Bi Neural and Tri Neural Beats with Theta Waves deep within in each of these selections that further facilitates a balanced state of mind and body.

The result is transformational!

Doctah B takes us on a mystical journey using a combination of indigenous and traditional instruments, nature, the sounds of medicinal plants, analog and digital technologies. These offerings are meticulously recorded in very high definition using a new technology Doctah B calls “Digalog” which captures the warmth of old school analog recordings and the technological advances of Digital recordings.

The audio quality is stunning!

Great for those who would like a temporary mental tune up, or for those who would like to release stress, increase cognition, feel more self love & confidence or for those who may desire to create new goals and retain them at the subconscious level. It’s also great for lovemaking, meditation, exercise, yoga, marshal arts, driving, and art creation.

The out come is phenomenal!


Would you like to go deeper?


The science of Epigentics proves that the environment triggers the genes to express certain genetic outcomes based on the state of the mental and physical environment. As we know music creates a special atmosphere that’s why music is a big part of culture, it creates a type of collective consciousness. Most commercial music has been standardized and tuned to an unnatural concert pitch 440Hz which causes a type of energy distortion that induces a stress response at the subconscious level even though the conscious mind may love the songs. This is one of the factors that keep most people from being totally awake, healthy and wise. The type of music we choose has a effect on our lives but it is concert pitch tuning of the music that has a deeper more lasting effect on our mental and physical state. Medicine Music creates an environment that is conducive to moving the listener closer to a state of total wellness, equilibrium, an awakening of the authentic self. This is quantum healing.


Medicine Music is perfect for those who would like a mental tune up, or for those who would like to release stress, quiet the mind, spark the imagination, increase cognition, feel more self love & confidence or for those who may desire to create new goals and create an optimal environment for subconscious balancing. It’s also great for love-making, massage, soothing flower baths, meditation, exercise, yoga, martial arts, traveling, art creation, study, vision quest, journey to the inner sanctum, and as a part of a therapeutic journey using one of the entheogenic plant teachers.

Now this project is definitely a trip with no equal!

All matter vibrates at specific frequencies; Wellness is when we are at high vibrational states.            Low vibrational states are caused by physical illness, mental imbalances, stress, unresolved anger, perpetual fear, chronic worry, dissatisfaction, depression, PTSD, lack of movement, motivation, physical activity, habitual intake of consumer based broadcasting, and the type of music we hear.

Our entire body operates based on frequency AKA sounds and electrochemical impulses. When we are healthy our body is like a finely tuned orchestra, this is why we have body organs. We are made of trillions of cells that are biological instruments that must be in tune for us the live a balanced productive, healthy life. Tuned to concert pitch A 432 Hz. a natural resonant harmonic frequencies of the earth. The result is a sound that shifts the listeners mind naturally into a relaxed THETA State. This is a mental state in between sleeping and awake where meditation happens naturally.

Doctah B’s Medicine Music has the ability to change out dated perceptions, perspectives and helps alter consciousness in a good way by remapping brain waves so that new neurons and neural-connections are created. This project greatly assist us in becoming more goal oriented, healthy and mentally clear.

It’s simply amazing!

Are you prepared experience a shift in your life?                                                                                            Then these offerings belong in your transformational tool kit.

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