The Elevation Foundation For Abundant Life is a wholistic healing center committed to sharing wellness, harmony, truth and unconditional love. The Elevation Foundation is dedicated to imparting wisdom, assisting seekers searching for a natural path to wholeness, oneness, and guiding them as they become healthy, wealthy, and wise.  We strive to motivate people to experience an elevated quality of life to ultimately help create sustainability and a healthier planet.


The Elevation Foundation is comprised of a group of metaphysicians, herbalists, naturopaths, educators, healers, researchers, and creative artists, who are descendants of teachers and healers whose lives are rooted in ancient wisdom and natural healing.

Our intention is the cultivation of higher consciousness to enhance and expand the lives of all people by offering all natural wellness remedies, earth-conscious and high quality organic products & services, workshops, classes and seminars that offer guidance and education about the virtues of living a more natural and wholistic lifestyle.

We have an intimate connection with nature, indigenous art and culture. Through this connection we are able to share handcrafted, one-of-a-kind creations gathered locally and from distant lands.

Journey with us on a sacred experience as we elevate…

Explore. Expand. Express. Experience.